UI Student Directorate Distributes 1,100 Food Packages for Depok Residents

The Directorate of Student Affairs at the University of Indonesia (Ditmawa UI) together with the Student Activity Unit (UKM) at UI and the Depok24Jam Community again carried out Phase 2 of the State Service Action. In this action, food aid packages were handed over to residents around UI who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 1,100 food packages have been distributed since May 2020,” said Devie Rahmawati, Director of Student Affairs at UI.

The basic food packages were forwarded by the UI Ditmawa Team and the Depok24Jam Community to residents of Raga Jaya Bojong Village, Parakan Jati Village, Sawangan Bedahan, Lio Village in Depok.

The package contains basic needs in the form of 5 kg of rice, sugar, 2 liters of cooking oil, wheat flour, canned fish, coffee, salt, and instant noodles.

“The process of distributing the aid package that we did in early July 2020 involved UI students who are members of the Papua Paguyuban and Student Activity Units (UKM): Student Voices (SUMA), Geradasi Warna, basketball, Mada Bahana, hockey, and the Dance League UKM, said Devi.

Furthermore, Devie said that the Nation Service Action was not only in the form of distributing basic necessities, but was always accompanied by social action in the form of education on the adaptation of new habits.

“Students who come down provide education about health protocols during the adaptation period for new habits such as providing good and correct hand washing techniques; PHBS (Clean and Healthy Life Behavior); the importance of wearing a mask; implementation of physical distancing, as well as interactive dialogue to hear some of the complaints and hopes of the local community affected by the pandemic,” he said.

The profiles of the recipients include Depok residents who work as scavengers, building and street cleaning services, security officers (security guards), online motorcycle taxis, punk children’s communities, Laskar Berani Hijrah, PLWHA (People With HIV/AIDS) and also children. -Orphans, widows and elderly people who are economically disadvantaged.

“I’m happy to have the opportunity to share with the community in Depok, who so far have not been touched by social assistance during the pandemic. We are aware that as UI students, we should also be present with the community, to provide aid and moral support, so that people do not feel alone in facing this epidemic disaster,” said Hani, from UKM Suara Siswa (SUMA).

“We from Geradasi Warna are very happy to be able to take to the streets to distribute aid to the community, even in conditions without a pandemic, they have been marginalized. We, as SMEs, really want to continue to help the government assist the community in our capacity through protocol dissemination and also become “friends”, who listen to the “tired” residents,” said Mayke Ruth Loyali, representative of UKM Geradasi Warna.